"Once a Geezer - Always a Geezer"

Sure it gets HOT in Lake Havasu City, but it's a "Dry Heat".

The Dry Heat Geezers Car Club is based in and around Lake Havasu City, AZ, with a few members from other parts. This club was formed in 2005 with four close friends as charter members. Lake Havasu City is believed to have more old cars per capita than anywhere in the United States. Other old guys with old cars and/or old trucks saw our plaques and wanted to join our club, so we had to create some rules and order more plaques.

Membership is open to all Geezers and almost all applicants are approved by the Executive Committee. If you'd like to apply for membership, please read our By-Laws by clicking on the link below before contacting us. Our Email address is dryheatgeezers@frontier.com if you have any questions. We will need your birthdate to confirm that you are old enough to be a member. Please provide a copy of your AARP card with your application and it will probably be the last time you'll be "Carded".

Our By-Laws

Our Cars